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MaisonMe is the story of a place at the foot of hills carpeted with vineyards and olive groves, suspended between historic alleys and views of the sky and the shore of Lake Garda in Bardolino. It is a structure that breaks away from traditional hospitality schemes. A single concept: a warm and welcoming home to offer the most personalised experience possible. The rooms are designed for those seeking elegance and essentiality, for those who want to be enchanted by the view of the lake, but find "home" in a balance of materials, lines and colours. Travelling is exploration, sharing, encounter.

MaisonMe is Garda Green's flagship facility. It produces part of the energy it consumes from renewable sources, and uses 100% certified green energy; it also produces all the hot water for sanitary use that is needed. It pays attention to waste management, trying to reduce its production and differentiating the remaining component, reaching separate waste collection peaks of almost 90%. It cares for water resources by adopting water-saving systems. It supports sustainable mobility systems, providing customers with electric bikes and car charging stations.


Smart Hospitality

We aim to ensure that your stay is environmentally sustainable and to protect and conserve Lake Garda even better than it is today, so that both our children and yours will find it unaltered in the future. Our facility signed up for and has passed the Garda Green ecological protocol with a total score of:106.5/174.
We oluntarily choose to obtain this recognition, train our personnel and adopt both technological and good practices aimed at beating CO₂.


Ton. CO₂/year
Primary resource saving

Find out how we do it

Our structure uses 100% green energy GO, from renewable sources thus cutting production of CO₂ at the source. Furthermore, thanks to the sun, our structure produces 20% of all the electric energy that our costumers require.

Our structure produces domestic hot water thanks to the use of state-of-the-art boilers and heat pumps serviced periodically to lower CO2 emissions to a minimum. Furthermore, thanks to a system cogeneration, produces 100% of all the hot water that our costumers requir.

To keep CO₂ emission to a minimum without having to trade off comfort, we installed a series of smart thermostats to always provide the ideal temperature while wasting the least amount of energy.

every year our staff is trained on how to handle waste, in order to recycle at least 90%. We keep a daily log to monitor their production with respect to the separation of waste as mandated by our town hall, in the best possible way.

conscentious water use is more important than ever to keep our Lake Garda from being drained and that is why all the lodgings and general sanitary facilities do not deliver more than 6 liters/minute.

our facility uses al least 80% products carrying the EU eco-label.

we actively promote both arrival and departure with public or sustainable transportation, it also provides bicycles for guests. We also installed a charging station for recharging electric vehicles.

our facility offers menu with the prevalence of fresh products, typical and found locally, avoiding where possible single-dose packages. Our staff also uses organic and seasonal products.

Grazie per aver scelto una vacanza sul lago di Garda dal basso impatto ambientale.

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