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The structure in which you stay tries to mitigate its environmental impact as best it can through policies on efficiency, waste reduction, mobility, and the conscious and judicious use of primary resources. With your help, savings targets will certainly be improved!

Helping to save energy by maintaining a constant temperature in the rooms in a range from 19 degrees in winter without going below 25 in summer is not only good for the body, but also helps to save electricity and avoid CO2 emissions.

The Veronese coast of Lake Garda has 5 Special Protection Zones, natural areas registered and protected by European regulations. They are areas with a strong naturalistic vocation for the presence of protected species. When you visit them do not pick up vegetation, do not remove minerals and do not disturb the wildlife, and always try to follow the marked paths. We recommend that you do not litter!

Did you know that the municipalities of Garda reach very high levels of differentiated waste collection? The percentage exceeds 70% almost everywhere, but the Garda Green facilities set themselves the ambitious target of reaching 85%. If you correctly differentiate the waste produced in the room where you are staying, you will help to keep the levels of waste collection in line with the extraordinary targets achieved.

If you can, get to the place where you are staying by using the train and the connections to the village provided by local public transport. The hotel also provides a shuttle service to and from the airport or train station. Check the timetable at or ask for help at reception Use public transport, ferries or get around by bicycle ask at reception!

Take care to take away all waste produced after your sunny day at the lake! Litter abandoned on the beach ends up in the lake water. One of the biggest pollution problems in Italian lakes is microplastics, fragments of plastic waste that enter the ecosystem and alter it. On the shores it is easy to encounter wildlife that inhabits the lake permanently or passing through... not disturbing them or offering food is harmful to their wellbeing!

To save drinking water, taps should be turned off when you brush your teeth or soap up. Doing so reduces per capita water consumption by up to 102 litres less for a 15-day stay. Leaving the water running results in an average use of about 10 litres every 60 seconds.

Don't flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet! Any waste you flush down the toilet will find its way into lakes, rivers and eventually the sea. Sewage plants cannot filter cigarette butts, cotton buds and other objects.