Garda Green Club

Garda Green Club is a corporate network mostly made up of hotels, campgrounds, parks, and restaurants that have adhered to the rules and have accumulated a minimum score required by the Garda Green ecological protocol rules.

Garda Green Club is a common ground for companies with a tourism vocation and those with an ecological vocation capable of giving the visitor modern and smart solutions for an eco-sustainable vacation, but at the same time, that wish to commit to preserving the typical characteristics of Lake Garda’s ecosystem for present and future generations.

Garda Green Club is Lake Garda’s new integrated tourist offering made up both of the hotel and restaurant offering as well as creation and promotion of new services linked to ecotourism.

The purpose of the Garda Green Club company network is to:
    •    Apply common environmental impact reduction strategies according to the parameters expressed in the Garda Green protocol;
    •    Spread and promote ecological awareness for the respect and preservation of Lake Garda;
    •    Align the service standards following the current legal regulations on environmental impact production and energy savings;
    •    Outline a series of “qualitative” parameters of the services for ecotourism on Lake Garda;
    •    Create and sell new eco-sustainable tourism services;
    •    Create and sell new low environmental impact tourism packages.


All the Garda Green Club facilities with the Hospitality, Camping, and Restaurant marks guarantee the technical performance and solutions required by the Garda Green protocol. The transparency and scientific nature of our approach becomes quite clear to tourists when they check out, when they are given the environmental impact certificate with the CO2 and primary resources saved during their stay.



Enter the Club 


The procedure for adhering to the Garda Green Ecological Protocol and subsequent entry into the Garda Green Club corporate network has been conceived to make the process simple and useful for entrepreneurs who would like to revamp their offering to make it eco-smart.


1. The first step is to send the notice of interest to request a visit from the Garda Green technical committee. The appointment and subsequent report will help to define the company’s environmental footprint and the technical and financial plan for the jobs needed to meet the parameters required to attain the Garda Green mark.
2. Once the jobs have been done, the technical committee will perform all the proper checks, and if they are passed, it will issue the mark once the entrepreneur has signed the regulations and paid the annual fees for the mark.
3. Once minimum score required by the protocol, the entrepreneur shall send a request by certified email to the Garda Green Club corporate network’s common body which will decide whether to admit it, setting a date for signing the deed and preparing all documents needed to join the network.