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NIN Restaurant-Belfiore Park Hotel


Garda Green Points

What is NIN project?

_ Restaurant NIN is a place where passion, research and experimentation are the cornerstones on which Terry Giacomello's cooking philosophy rests, true pillars of the culinary laboratory in which the chef seeks to satisfy his endless curiosity.

_ Restaurant NIN aims to be a place from which to embark on a journey of tastes and flavors that can be described using sight, smell and touch in an immersive way, for an experience that engages all the senses.

_ Restaurant NIN is a holistic, daring place where the cuisine that Chef Giacomello calls "melting-pot" features a series of "pathways" in which natural, top-quality ingredients are used and as locally sourced as possible. The kitchen brigade has vegetable gardens for spices, greenhouses for growing fruits and vegetables, and an area where a garden for growing produce in water is being planned.

_ Restaurant NIN Ristorante is a place/space where the dining experience takes place in a deliberately minimal and intimate setting between water, land and sky, in that part of Lake Garda that, from the Venetian shore, bordering Trentino to the north and Lombardy to the west, becomes a crossroads of Nordic and Mediterranean cultures.

NIN Restaurant is an ever-evolving project, an ever-open construction site where the menu evolves and transforms creatively.


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