Tourists say yes to sustainability

01 March 2023


By now the time has come, that of attention to the environment that yesterday was a qualifying choice for the tourist offer today becomes qualifying for SMEs in the tourism sector that want to propose a modern and sustainable vacation model. Customer searches are increasingly attentive, to the authenticity and respect of places and are looking for experiences defined as "transformative," experiences that allow to really live the sociability, of the place chosen for the vacation, to be friends and promoters of the excellence of traditions, products of the events of the local communities of an area. On Garda this spirit of belonging is even more marked so much so that more and more often clients are ready to lend a hand, choosing sustainable mobility, helping with proper waste management, choosing periods even in low season, adapting to the characteristics of an area without expecting upheavals or impossible infrastructure. Initiatives to intercept this kind of demand are rapidly pointing almost everywhere and also to Garda. Fortunately, today the customer is more and more prepared and aware of what environmental protection and more generally the concept of sustainability is and tends to channel their commitment and interest toward those initiatives that have existed for a long time and have clear and reliable communication, otherwise their commitment would risk being dispersed. Without the commitment of the tourist a destination, as well as for example an accommodation facility, could not strive for environmental sustainability as internally it can organize itself as best it can, but without the complicity of the guest one cannot expect to achieve goals such as offsetting or even zero impact.