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Located on the gentle slopes of Mount Baldo, the Taverna Kus is one of the most note-worthy restaurants in Verona, thanks to its typical and charming cuisine with generous portions of fish and meat, but above all it is well known for its seasonal dishes that are created by the untiring effort of the proprietor Giancarlo to find specific ingredients coming from the areas around Mount Baldo and Lake Garda. The uniqueness of this restaurant can undoubtedly be asserted thanks to the deliciousness of its traditional dishes and their ingredients coming from the surrounding plains and mountains of the Verona region, which find the approval of food lovers looking for true traditional dishes based on local culinary customs habits.

The Taverna Kus is the restaurant in Verona that attracts its guests thanks to its seasonal dishes that reflect the traditional products of the area. The freshness of the dishes on the menu focus particular attention on the ingredients found in each season and in the surrounding areas.  For this reason, the menu changes every month according to the typical, traditional, Veronese recipes and the seasonal ingredients available for them.  The guests come to the restaurant in autumn to enjoy the menu which is entirely based on chestnuts and in the summer to taste the deliciousness of the dishes that Giancarlo creates with the freshly grown ingredients coming from his vegetable garden in spring and summer.  



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